Injured in an Accident? Call or Text Now

Did you know close to 800 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in 2017? And that the number of cyclists injured in reported road accidents is in the thousands?

Cycling can be an effective mode of transportation and exercise, but it’s not without its risks. With the likelihood of ending up in a biking accident at some point, it’s important to know what to do before you end up in that situation.

If you don’t, you may mishandle the scenario and miss out on the recovery damages you deserve.

4 Steps To Take After You’ve Been Hit in a Biking Accident in West Palm Beach

Not sure what you would do if you ended up in a biking accident in West Palm Beach? By following these 4 steps if and when you’re ever hit in a biking accident, you can respond to the situation in the most effective way possible.

Get Out of the Street

If you’re hit by a car while cycling, your main priority should be getting out of the street to avoid oncoming traffic. Once you’ve done that, however, it’s best to stay still. That’s because you have a chance of injuring yourself further if you have a neck or back injury or a concussion.

Instead, stay as still as possible, and wait for help. An EMT will know exactly how to help you and do their best to ensure you don’t get injured any further.

Call 911

While making sure whoever broke the law is held responsible is important, it’s not the most vital thing after an accident. What matters most is that you get medical attention. That’s why calling 911 should be your top priority.

You should make a habit of calling 911 after every cycling accident—even the minor ones. That’s because you may not know you’re injured due to the shock and adrenaline involved in an accident. And only a medical professional can determine the severity of your injury.

File a Police Report

If you’re feeling coherent and up to it after the accident, you should absolutely talk to the police, explain what happened and get them to file a report on your behalf. Don’t take the blame for the accident or say you’re okay before you’ve received a medical evaluation.

Doing those things will only hurt your attempts at insurance or medical claims later on. So, avoid discussing your injuries with anyone but an EMS or a doctor.

As you wait for the police, avoid making too much small-talk with the driver. Chances are they’ll try to get you to settle or accept a payout so they don’t have to go to court.

Additionally, try to collect feedback and witness reports on top of the police report. Having witnesses that can corroborate your story can greatly help your case should it ever go to trial.

Connect with a West Palm Beach Lawyer

Before you attempt to make an insurance claim on the driver’s insurance company, you should absolutely consult with a West Palm Beach lawyer. Ideally, it should be a bicycle accident attorney who knows a cyclist’s rights to the road.

Not only will they advocate on your behalf and make sure you and your story are heard and well-represented, but they’ll work to maximize your recovery claims.

Final Thoughts on Biking Accidents

No one wants to think about getting in a biking accident in West Palm Beach, but it’s important to be prepared for anything. Because being a cautious biker isn’t enough to always protect you on the road. But by knowing what to do if and when you’ve been hit ina a biking accident in West Palm Beach, you can handle the situation in the smartest way possible.

Have you been injured in an accident in West Palm Beach? Not sure who to turn to? Contact us now for expert legal assistance!