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Within a single year, 857 bicyclists were killed in traffic accident crashes in the country. As you would expect, it’s usually the bicyclist who gets injured in these situations. 

If you’re looking for a bicycle accident attorney in Miami, you need to choose the right attorney. Otherwise, their lack of experience or know-how could cause you to lose your case. With the right attorney on the job, you can receive compensation to cover your injuries.

Here are the six questions you need to ask before hiring a bike accident lawyer.

By asking these six questions before signing a contract, you can find the right person for your case! Get started with these six interview questions. 

1. How Long Have You Offered Services?

Before you hire a bicycle accident attorney, make sure the lawyer you choose has plenty of experience. Someone who has worked for years, or even decades, as an attorney can help your case. Their years of experience mean longevity in their field.

It also indicates the lawyer is dedicated and well-educated. These lawyers are more likely to know about recent procedures, laws, and cases that relate to your situation. 

Look for a bicycle accident attorney that’s tenacious, too. 

A lawyer with plenty of experience will also develop staying power and skill over the years. Make a note of how many years the attorney has worked in the same location, too. Some cases have different laws depending on the location. 

A lawyer who has worked in the same location over the years will have knowledge about local laws and the community. They might know more about common conditions that can lead to bike accidents in the area.

Once you determine how long they’ve worked as an attorney, make a note of their communication skills.

You’ll recognize how a bike accident attorney speaks during your consultation. Are they confident? Do they communicate well?

Their communication skills will go hand-in-hand with their experience. In order for them to argue your case aggressively to ensure maximum compensation, they need efficient and persuasive communication skills. 

Those communication skills will benefit your case as the attorney negotiates on your behalf. Whether it’s in front of the other party’s attorney, a judge, the police, or an insurance company, a crash lawyer with good communication skills can strengthen your case. 

2. What’s Your Specialty?

Once you find an experienced attorney, make sure to look for someone who specializes in bike accident cases.

Most personal injury attorneys handle a variety of cases. For example, some might take on slip and falls, motorcycle and car accidents, or dog bites. Instead of specializing in one type of injury case, these attorneys become well-rounded in their field.

Look for an attorney who specializes in bike accidents. A Miami bicycle accident attorney will have the case experience you need. They’ll know bicycle laws inside and out.

They’ll have the focus, knowledge, and dedication you need to receive the highest possible compensation.

When you arrange a consultation with them, make sure to talk about the cases they’ve worked on. Which cases were similar to yours? Did they win those cases?

Understanding their specialty will help you find the best attorney for your case.

You can learn more about Miami bicycle accidents here.

3. Are You Licensed and Accredited?

Next, head online to visit your local state bar association. Make sure the attorney you’re interested in licensed and accredited to practice law in your state.

If they’re not, keep looking. 

Some lawyers only want to make money off their clients. Others are genuinely there to keep your best interests in mind. In order to hire a bicycle accident attorney, make sure they’re legit.

While you’re on your local state bar association’s website, see if they have any leadership positions. If so, that indicates they’re well respected by other lawyers in the area.

4. What’s Your Success Rate?

Once you get a better understanding of your potential lawyer’s experience, check their success rate. A good bike accident lawyer will want to discuss the number of cases they’ve won or lost. 

If they’ve won a lot of cases, make sure they’re bike accident cases. Otherwise, what type of cases do they win the most often?

Do they rush to settle cases instead of making the effort to win them?

A reputable lawyer will want to remain transparent about their failures. If they’re not willing to talk about their case history, you might want to consider your search. If they’re not willing to discuss their history, it’s likely they won’t remain honest with you throughout your case, either. 

Once you determine how many cases they’ve won, make sure those cases are recent.

Otherwise, the lawyer you’re looking into might not have relevant, time-sensitive knowledge about bike accident cases. 

5. How Do You Charge?

Fatal and non-fatal crash-related bike injuries result in lifetime medical costs and productivity losses of $10 billion. Before you choose a bicycle accident lawyer, make sure to thoroughly review the contract. 

The fee is an important consideration. After all, you don’t want to hire someone you can afford. Instead, ask for quotes from different lawyers to determine whose services fit your budget.

Some lawyers can only handle your case on a contingency basis. That means they won’t get paid unless you win your case. If you do win, they’ll only take a percentage of the final amount.

That percentage can vary based on different lawyers and firms. 

The amount the lawyer charged might indicate the quality of service they provide.  

6. What Do You Think About My Case?

When you sit down with each Miami bike accident lawyer, make sure to ask them about your case. Do they think they can win? How much compensation do they think they can gain?

Having realistic expectations about the future of your case is important. A reputable lawyer will remain honest with you about the prospect of your case. 

Glide Toward Case Success: 6 Questions to Ask a Bicycle Accident Attorney Before Hiring Them

With these six questions, you can find an experienced bicycle accident attorney who has your best interests in mind. Otherwise, you might end up with a lawyer who is only concerned about their own interests. 

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