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If you have a passion for bike riding, then you know it’s a hobby that can come with some serious bumps and bruises.

Even with the right gear and safety precautions, accidents can happen. Either between a cyclist and a vehicle or between two cyclists. Sometimes, you won’t even realize the extent of an injury until several days or months after an accident.

Whether you’re a rookie or seasoned Miami bike rider, an accident can lead to a range of injuries. Here are the most common injuries that come from bike accidents.

1. Wrist Bone Break and Fractures

Some of the more tame injuries from a Miami bike accident are broken bones and fractures. This often happens to biker’s wrists when they attempt to catch themselves during the fall.

There is a chance that wrist injuries will not require surgical treatment, although this is not always the case.

A nonsurgical treatment would include a cast being placed on the injured hand or forearm. This usually extends to include the thumb and above the elbow if the fracture or break is at the center of the ulna or radius bone.

If a doctor recommends surgical treatment for the fracture or break, then a metal implant is needed to support the bone while it heals back together. The surgeon will insert screws or wires into the injured bone such as the scaphoid, radius or ulna.

The length of time for the bone to heal can depend on the extent of the injury. Your doctor will let you know when the cast or splint may be removed.

You may then be sent to physical therapy to help you strengthen your muscles, tendons, and ligaments that have been weakened while in the cast.

2. Head Trauma

Another even more serious injury and one that is most common for Miami cyclists are head injuries. These can include permanent neurological damage. This is why it is important for cyclists to always wear a helmet, even if the law does not require it.

Sometimes Miami bicyclists can collide with objects, vehicles, windshields, or other cyclists causing serious head and neck injuries. In some cases, surgery is required to fuse vertebrae together.

Even if you are wearing a helmet, Miami bicyclists can still experience severe head and brain trauma that can lead to brain damage, coma, or death.

Head injuries can cause concussions and neurological damage. These can lead to symptoms such as ongoing headaches, mental fogginess and lack of sleep. Blunt force trauma to the head and neck can also lead to spinal injuries, ruptured discs, bone fractures, and even death.

3. Bodily Injuries

If a Miami bicyclist were to be struck by a vehicle and then rolled over, there could be further broken bones and damage to the individual’s vital organs. Crush injuries can cause all types of internal damage.

Another common break for cyclists in a Miami bicycle accident is the clavicle or collarbone. These tend to take about six weeks to heal.

This can put victims through serious pain and suffering that has long term effects. You may not realize right away the extent of your injuries, which is why it’s important to still document the accident with notes and photographs as well as file a police report.

4. Emotional Trauma

Considering all of the physical damage that a Miami bicycle accident can incur, you may not have thought of the emotional damage that it can cause. Cyclists feel too afraid to return to bicycling after a serious accident.

They could suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues. This may require ongoing therapy and medications.

Brain injuries can lead to even more severe emotional trauma. They may be permanently changed by the accident. You could lose basic enjoyment for life and this could impact the quality of a person’s life.

The extent of this type of damage can depend on how bad your injuries were, your age, and other factors. Miami civil courts will often find emotional damage to be worthy of compensation just like physical injuries.

5. Common Injuries that Seem Minor

On top of the significant injuries described above, there are some more minor injuries that still cause victims considerable pain and suffering. These include cuts, scrapes, bruises, road rash, chipped teeth, and permanent scars.

You may also experience things like muscle strains that are less obvious results of an impact injury in Miami. These can cause you to over-compensate and lead to overuse injuries in other areas of your body.

Although these might be deemed as “minor” they may turn into further issues later on. They could also affect your ability to work which could result in the loss of income.

Document Everything

If you do find yourself with minor or major injuries after a Miami bicycle accident, it’s important to document everything. Take pictures of all your injuries whether or not they seem significant at the time.

You should also visit a medical doctor immediately after the accident. They can document your injuries as well which may help you receive a settlement from your insurance company.

You may feel that your injuries don’t warrant compensation, however, you never know if a seemingly insignificant fall can result in permanent damage. Head injuries can cause chronic headaches and other emotional trauma that may not be apparent right away.

An accident that seems minor could result in expensive medical bills later on. If you don’t report the injury right away, you’ll be stuck paying for something that would’ve been covered by your insurance. It’s important to protect yourself early on.

Seek Professional Advice

If you have recently been in a Miami bicycle accident, then you may have experienced one or more of these common injuries.

Don’t risk not receiving proper compensation for your accident! Be sure to get in touch with a Miami bike accident attorney. If you need help defending your case, contact us today!