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Are you worried about riding your bicycle out on the road? Do you wonder what you should do in case you’re ever involved in a bike accident while cycling? If so, then you need to research and memorize the steps to take after a bicycle and car accident.

Even though you have just as much right to use the road as anyone else, Florida drivers often overlook the cyclists that share the road. The steps you take immediately after can affect your chance at proper compensation.

See below for several steps that you should take immediately following a bike accident while riding.

1. Check for Injuries

Being involved in a bike accident while you’re on the road cycling is no small feat. There are, unfortunately, several cases in which it has led to serious injury.

Because of that, your top concern should always be the health of yourself and everyone else that was involved in the crash. Maybe you were cycling in a group. Perhaps the car the hit you swerved to get out of the way and injured themselves as well.

Start by checking yourself for injury first. Give yourself a few seconds to collect your thoughts, then assess your physical situation before making any sudden movements.

If you can move and feel in the right state of mind, then take your time getting up before walking over to check on other people involved.

After you check to make sure everyone is okay, get everyone away from the scene of the crash and safely onto the side of the road before continuing with the next step.

2. Contact Local Officials

After you’ve assessed all the injuries that have taken place and gotten everyone onto the side of the road, be sure to call 911 right away. Don’t ever assume that someone else, such as a witness, has already called. It’s important that they come right away.

Let the 911 operator know of the situation, filling them in on the types of injuries that were sustained during the wreck. This will let them know if they need to dispact an ambulance to your location or not.

Try to remain as calm as possible throughout the entire process. Remove the emotion from the situation and focus on getting your facts straight for when the police officer arrives.

The officer will take however long they need to file an accurate police report. When it’s your turn, make sure to tell them everything you remember before, during, and after the crash.

No matter what the situation, be civil to the others involved in the crash. Remember, even if they were in the car, everyone is in as much shock as you are.

3. Exchange Information

Now that you’ve contacted 911 and they have dispatched a police officer to your location, it’s important that you exchange contact information with everyone involved.

Be sure to get their full name, phone number, email, street address, driver’s license, insurance policy number, and license number. Get the contact info of every adult that’s involved in the crash including the driver and all passengers.

If anyone is too confrontational when you ask for their information, take a step back and let the officer collect it. Your bike accident attorney can retrieve the contact info from the police report at a later date.

You’ll also want to get the contact information of all witnesses that stayed behind to clear things up. Get their full name, number, and email. Your attorney will reach out to them to collect evidence for your case.

4. Take Photos

The top priority when you meet with your Westin bike accident lawyer will be gathering as much evidence as you possibly can. Most of that evidence should be gathered at the scene of the crash.

Once you ride away from the scene of the bike accident, it’s going to be difficult for you to retrieve any helpful information.

For that reason, it’s important that you take the time to pull out your phone (assuming it still works) and take as many photos as you possibly can.

Be sure to take pictures of things such as your bike, the car(s) involved in the crash, their license plate, the street you’re on, the people involved, and the time of day.

You’ll also want to hang on to any damaged equipment from the accident. Do not repair anything that was damaged in the crash, your bike included. It’s valuable evidence towards getting the compensation that you’re entitled to.

5. Hire a Bike Accident Attorney

Any time that you’ve been in a bicycle accident, you should be entitled to compensation for the damage and the injuries you’ve sustained.

Be sure to contact Vivo Law Offices matter whether the crash was in Westin, Hillsborough Beach, Boca Raton, Key Biscayne, or any other surrounding city. We’re passionate cyclists just like you and want to protect the rights and health of those that cycle with pride.

An experienced bike accident attorney is crucial during this process. They’ll help you seek out compensation against stingy car insurance companies, compile evidence, and give you a step by step guide on how to get the money you need.

Follow These Steps After a Bike Accident in Florida

Now that you’ve seen all the necessary steps to take after being involved in a bike accident in Florida, be sure to use them wisely.

Be sure to read this article for an in-depth look at why Jeffrey A. Vivo loves to help represent his fellow cyclists in their most desperate situations.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.