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You’ve always heard of them occurring, but have you ever wondered what leads to a bicycle accident? What are the most common reasons that a bike accident occurs on the road? If so, then you should learn about the common causes of bicycle accidents.

Doing so can help you be more aware while you ride. You can use these common causes to ride more carefully and avoid putting yourself in the same situations. In some scenarios, this information might be the difference between life and death.

See below for several common causes of bicycle accidents that a cyclist such as yourself should try to avoid at all costs.

1. Texting

This cause goes two ways. Either the cyclist is texting while riding or the driver of a car is texting while driving. Generally speaking, a distracted driver is more common of the two.

When drivers pull out their phones to text, they lose awareness of what’s happening on the road. Even looking away from the road for a split second can mean swerving enough to hit a cyclist that’s riding on the side of the road or in the other lane.

You can often tell when a driver is texting when their car seems to be veering off the road every few seconds. If you notice that behavior, either slow down on your bike or move over to the outermost lane.

Also, a driver that’s talking to someone on the phone can be just as bad. Florida drivers are notorious for concentrating more on the conversation than the lane they’re driving in. Keep your eyes on them while you ride.

If you end up in a bicycle accident and believe texting to be a prime reason why, be sure to reach out to a bike accident attorney for guidance.

2. Intoxication

Unfortunately, this is a very real cause of bike accidents nationwide. It doesn’t matter whether you’re riding in Boca Raton Pembroke Pines, Hillsborough Beach, or Westin, you always have to keep your eyes out for impaired drivers.

Drunk driving happens at all hours of the day, not just night time. If you notice that a car is driving uncontrollably, then pull over on your bicycle and call 911. It’s not likely that the drunk driver will make it home without hurting anyone.

Make sure to keep your head on a swivel as you ride, especially if you’re cycling out on the open road.

A 2018 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that 30 people die daily in the United States from drunk driving crashes. That includes other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Don’t let yourself become a statistic. Always keep your wits about you and be cautious while you drive. If you notice signs of a drunk driver, memorize the license plate and report them to the local authorities.

3. Negligence

Again, this can go both ways. Both cyclists and drivers can perform acts of negligence on the road that lead to a bicycle accident.

Fortunately, you can lessen the likelihood of being involved in one if you abide by the rules of the road.

Often, a driver can perform negligent acts by running a red light, driving through a stop sign, not yielding for a right turn, and so forth. If you’re riding straight through at the same time the driver ignores a red light, it can lead to a crash.

Don’t ever assume that the driver will come to a complete stop or yield to pedestrians. Slow down and try to lock eyes with the driver. If they wave you on, then you can ride past without any worries.

It’s also possible that a driver will merge into your lane without turning their blinkers on or checking their blind spots. Keep your head on a swivel and don’t get complacent on the road.

4. Confined Spaces

Most of the time, cyclists put themselves in the biggest danger when riding in confined spaces. Areas where they don’t have enough room to adjust to a sudden change.

For example, riding on the sidewalk then trying to avoid a child that runs around the corner or riding past the entrance to a parking lot and having a car turn into that lot sharply.

Anytime that you’re riding in a confined space or an area where a car might turn in, be sure to take a double glance. Don’t ever assume the car will stop for you or that they see you. Wait for the car to either turn, stop, or wave you on before proceeding.

5. Speeding

Of all the common causes on this list, a speeding driver might be the most common of them all. Anytime a driver ignores the rules of the road and drives over the speed limit, they put everyone (including themselves) in danger.

The faster that they drive, the less time they have to adjust to an unforeseen circumstance on the road. For example, they won’t be able to avoid a car that cuts them off by merging into their lane without a blinker.

As a cyclist, you need to use your eyes and ears. If you hear a car speeding too excessively, then be sure to get as far away from them as possible.

Avoid These Causes of Bicycle Accidents as Much as You Can

Now that you’ve seen several of the most common causes of bicycle accidents, be sure to be wary of them as you ride.

Take the time to read this article to learn about how much compensation you can get for a bike accident on the road.

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