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Are you an avid cyclist that is worried about getting involved in a cycling accident on the road? Have you been in a crash before and want to learn more about the process? If so, then you need to educate yourself on bicycle crashes and road construction.

Believe it or not, a good amount of bicycle accidents occur because of road construction. All it takes is a lack of signage for a cyclist to injure themselves in an area they weren’t warned about.

See below for several things that you should know involving road construction and cycling accidents. Be sure to consider these as you ride.

1. Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are somewhat of a common occurence. They happen in the state of Florida every single day. 

If you’ve been in an accident in Westin, FL that didn’t involve a negligent driver, you might think that there’s no compensation to be had. You might feel as if there’s no way to prove that road construction was to blame for your incident.

Most Floridians don’t realize that there is an attorney who specializes in defending those involved in bicycle accidents all over the state.

Not only is he passionate about protecting your rights as a cyclist, he’s an avid cyclist himself. He knows the dangers and uncertainties that you face because he lives and breathes it. 

No matter what led to your accident, know there’s a solution that can be reached. For example, if you ran your bike into a pothole on the road in Deerfield Beach, it could be from the negligence of a contractor that led to your injury.

Mr. Vivo will help you negotiate a bike accident settlement in order to get the compensation that you need for your injuries. That way, you can focus on your recovery without experiencing a financial setback.

2. The Construction Dangers That Oppose You

There are many potential dangers for cyclists that fall under the umbrella of road construction. While some are more common than others, each is just as dangerous as the last.

Any time you believe your injury was associated with one of these situations, reach out to a biycle accident attorney.

  • Bad Lighting– Construction zones need to be properly lit in order to encourage safety for the workers and pedestrians. If you’re cycling after dark in Boca Raton and the lighting is poor, it increases the chance of you running into danger.
  • Potholes– As previously mentioned, potholes are a legitimate threat to cyclists. The operations of a construction site can generate potholes in the surrounding roads, some more prevalent than others. Hitting a pothole when riding can lead to head injuries, leg injuries, broken bones, and much more.
  • Construction Debris– Often times, construction crews don’t clean up as well as they should. This can lead to certain debris from the site making its way on to the surrounding roads, sidewalks, and bike lanes. You could get hit by flying debris or slip on debris that’s laying in the road.
  • Poor Paving– Any time a construction crew does road work, they’ll be tasked with repaving that area. However, they sometimes leave the pavement uneven which can lead to a cyclist losing their balance and injuring themselves in the process.

3. Gather Evidence for Yourself

Bike accident attorneys are a tremendous asset for building your case, but you shouldn’t solely rely on them to compile evidence. Take matters into your own hands.

Whenever the cycling accident first happens, be sure to take as many photos as possible. Photos of the road construction that led to the accident, your injuries, the time of day, etc.

If anyone was around that witnessed the accident, ask for their name, number, email, and a brief description of what they saw. Your attorney can reach out to them later to gather statements for the case.

Even if you’re days (or weeks) removed from the incident, you can take photos to help. For example, say your accident involved a pothole. You can go back to that road in Pembroke Pines and, assuming they haven’t filled it in since then, take a picture of it.

4. Construction Companies Have Responsibilities

Contrary to what most of them might tell you, construction companies have more responsibility than simply doing the job they’re hired to do. They’re also responsible for protecting the surrounding area and pedestrians.

If you’ve been injured from a pothole or debris, then they didn’t do their job well enough. In that case, they’re responsible for their workers’ negligence.

Don’t ever assume the construction company has the upper hand. An experienced bike attorney can help you get the compensation you need.

5. Constructions Companies Are Required to Correct Mistakes

There are laws that require a construction company to assess any deficiencies that occured during their production and correct them right away.

If a construction company opts not to do that, then they’re breaking the law and they’ve risked your well-being in the process.

They’re required to do regular inspections of their site and surrounding area, fix any damaged pavement, and provide safe travel paths if their site impeeds the natural path’s availability. 

Seek Compensation for Your Cycling Accident Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the role that road construction may have played in your cycling accident, it’s time to seek the compensation that you deserve.

Be sure to read this article for more information on negligent driving and how it can affect your bike accident lawsuit if it were to apply to your situation.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.

For more inquiries, please be sure to reach out via our contact us page and we will be happy to assist you further.