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Florida is known for many wonderful things. It has some of the world’s most amazing beaches, weather, and tourist attractions. Yet, when it comes to one thing, Florida is actually ranked among the worst. That one thing is bicycle accident statistics.

Flordia Bicycle Accidents Statistics

Florida has earned the title of the deadliest state in the country when it comes to bicyclists. Recent figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration paint a grim picture.

It is important to note that for some cities in Florida those bicycle accident statistics are much higher. Places such as Westin, Pembroke Pines, and Key Biscayne, Florida have been known for a lot of biking accidents.

Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and Hillsborough Beach, Florida also have some high numbers of bicycle accidents too. If you were to find yourself involved in a bicycle accident would you know what to do?

Understanding that Florida bicycle laws and statistics can keep you from being involved in a bike crash. Here are 7 bicycle accident statistics that will shock you.

1. Florida Bicyclist Aren’t Wearing Helmets

According to a survey conducted by AAA, it was reported that 36 percent of Florida cyclists don’t wear their helmets while riding their bikes. The most effective way to reduce head injuries and fatalities while cycling is to wear a helmet.

Bicyclists who do not wear their helmets put themselves at a higher risk for receiving serious injuries. So it’s best to wear your helmet every time you go biking.

2. Motorist & Bicyclist Aren’t Respecting Each Other

By Florida law, motorists are supposed to share the road with bicyclists. But, the statistics show otherwise. Most deaths tend to occur because bicyclists and motorists aren’t sharing the road.

In the state of Florida, 38 percent of the fatal cyclist accidents cited that the main cause was a failure to yield. The report suggested that either the biker or the motorist were in the wrong.

This is especially true in Deerfield Beach Florida. They have one of the worst motorist and bicyclist relationships in the state.

Another 8 percent of the bicycle accidents were caused because of failure to obey traffic laws. An extra 8 percent of biking accidents happen because either the cyclist or the motorist commits an improper turn.

3. The Flow of Traffic

There was a notable statistic in biking accidents depending on if the biker was riding with or against traffic. When asked, AAA reported that 57 percent of cyclists rode with traffic, while 21 percent said they rode against it.

According to various studies, it is safest to ride with the flow of traffic. Bicyclists who choose to go against the flow of traffic are increasing their chances of being involved in a bike accident.

4. The Time You Ride Your Bike Makes a Difference

A Florida biking stat that may not come as a huge shock is that the time you ride your bike can make a huge difference. The most dangerous time to ride a bike is between nine and midnight.

You should choose to ride your bike when you are more visible to motorists. This is especially true in popular areas like Hillsborough Beach, Florida. It is reported that 10 percent of bike crashes were due to the bicyclist wearing dark clothing making them hard to see.

A best practice is for bicyclists wearing brighter colored clothes during the day. If you must ride at night you want to wear reflective gear, head, and tail lights.

5. Lack of Understanding in Biking Laws

There is enough evidence to suggest there is a lack of understanding of the Florida Biking laws.

This lack of understanding comes from both motorists and bicyclists. Bicyclists are supposed to follow the same rules of the roads as if they were in a normal vehicle. That includes following all the same traffic signs and signals.

Motorists are also supposed to watch out for bicyclists and create conditions that ease sharing.

6. Where You Ride Matters

Depending on where a bicyclist rides it can increase the statical probability of having a biking accident. The best advice is to ride on the roadway instead of the sidewalk.

If there is a bike lane use it. You also want to be alert and avoid streets with heavy traffic if possible.

7. Fears of the Road

The last shocking Florida biking accident statistic is motorists are as afraid of bicyclists. According to the AAA study, 53 percent of motorists are fearful of cyclists swerving or falling into traffic.

Another 35 percent of motorists expressed concerns about visibly seeing the cyclist. Lastly, around 34 percent of motorists feel uneasy when cyclists use the middle lanes in traffic. The fears can create anxieties that create an unsafe situation for both the motorist and the cyclist.

What to do if you become a biking accident statistic?

If you find yourself in a biking accident in Florida it’s best to gather as much evidence as possible. You want to take pictures, file a police report, and talk to witnesses. This is going to make it easier for filing a bike accident claim.

You also want to make sure you visit a doctor so you can understand the full extent of any injuries. This can be very helpful if you are going to be compensated for your claim.

The next step is to contact a trusted attorney. Here at the Law Offices of Jeffery A Vivo, we specialize in handling Florida biking accidents.

No matter if you are in Boca Raton, Westin, Pembroke Pines, or the surrounding areas we can help. As a final step, make it a priority to contact the insurance companies of all parties involved to start the claims process.

Know your rights

Understanding the bicycle accident statistics in Florida can help you protect yourself. If you’ve been in a bicycle accident we’re here to help.

Reach out to our dedicated and trusted team of lawyers to get the compensation you deserve today. You can’t afford to wait!

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