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Over 850 bicyclists were killed in traffic crashes in the US in a single year. If you were recently in a bike accident, don’t wait to file a lawsuit. By building a case, you can fight for compensation to cover damages to your bike and your injuries.

You don’t have to go through this process alone. Instead, hire a bicycle accident lawyer with these five qualities.

By using these tips during your search, you can find an experienced bike accident lawyer capable of fighting on your behalf.

Cycle your way toward compensation with this guide today!

1. Specific Experience

First, it’s essential to find a Pembroke Pines bicycle accident lawyer with the experience you need.

Prioritize looking for a lawyer who has practiced personal injury law for many years. Personal injury law breaks down into many categories. Though you might consider hiring a general personal injury lawyer, it helps to look for someone with the right specialty.

Finding an experienced bike accident lawyer can benefit your case. Make sure this lawyer has practiced law for years in your area.

Some procedures and laws can differ based on the state or region you live in.

Otherwise, you could end up with a lawyer whose knowledge is out-of-date. Find someone who has the hands-on practice you need to win your case.

Choosing a lawyer who is right out of college, however, could hurt your case.

How long has the lawyer practiced law? How long have they specialized in bike accident cases? When was the last time they tried a case like yours?

A lawyer with years of experience in the area likely has connections that can benefit your case, too. Ask about their professional network. Do they have a medical expert they can call on?

Calling on experts can help prove the driver was at fault for the accident. The right expert witness could make all the difference with your lawsuit.

Courtroom Experience

It’s important to look for someone who has experience trying a case in front of a trial, too.

How many years of courtroom experience do they have under their belt? Are they apprehensive about going to court? If they are, your lawyer might try to settle outside of court to avoid a trial.

Ask about the last case they tried in court. How did it go? Did they come across any issues?

What was the result of the case?

Learning about their most recent experience will help you determine if they can handle your lawsuit.


Take the time to visit your local bar association website. Is the lawyer you’re interested in licensed to practice law in your state? If they’re not, mark them off your list.

You can ask a lawyer for proof of their insurance. If they’re unwilling to provide proof, keep searching.

2. A Winning Record

Bicyclist deaths account for 2% of all motor-vehicle traffic fatalities. Once you find an experienced lawyer, you’ll want to make sure they have experience winning these cases. Otherwise, they might struggle to win yours.

Consider their recent and long-term success rate. How many bicycle accident cases have they won recently? How many have they won overall?

If they haven’t tried a case recently, keep looking for another lawyer. There’s a chance that the attorney is behind relevant laws and procedures.

You might find a lawyer has improved over the years. If they have a stronger track record now than they did 10 years ago, great!

3. Strong Communication Skills

Finding a lawyer with strong communication skills is essential. You don’t know if your case will settle out of court. If it does go to court, your lawyer will need to argue on your behalf.

Schedule a consultation appointment with the Pembroke Pines bicycle accident lawyer you want to hire. During this appointment, ask them questions about their experience and expertise.

Let them know about the specifics of your case. Do they think they can win your lawsuit?

During this meeting, pay attention to how they communicate. Are they easy to understand? Do they speak clearly?

If they confuse you during a single conversation, chances are they’ll confuse a jury while arguing your case, too.

Instead, find a lawyer who is a strong communicator. They should sound confident in their abilities. If they’re not, keep searching.

4. An Analytical Mind

A talented lawyer will know how to listen to opposing counsel and react properly. A lawyer with strong analytical skills will know how to navigate any phase of your case.

Make sure the lawyer you choose understands what happened during your crash. They’ll create a custom legal strategy with your case in mind. If they try to use the same strategy for every case, they could fail to win your lawsuit.

Ask the lawyer about their process. How will they gather evidence? Will they use a re-enactment?

How will they prove the other driver was negligent?

Understanding their process can help you determine if they have the analytical skills you need.

5. Happy Clients

If you’re still unsure of which bicycle accident lawyer to choose, head online. Check the Martindale-Hubbell directory. There, you can learn more about each lawyer and read reviews from their previous clients.

You can also find client reviews on their Google My Business and Better Business Bureau listings.

What do their previous clients have to say about the lawyer’s abilities? What was the outcome of each case? Were the clients satisfied with the outcome of their case?

Reading client reviews will help you differentiate between a good bike accident attorney and a great one.

If you still have questions, ask if you can speak with one of the lawyer’s previous clients. Try to speak with someone who experienced a case similar to yours.

Fight for Compensation: 5 Qualities to Look for in a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Don’t wait too long to contact a bicycle accident lawyer. By finding an experienced attorney, you can fight for the compensation you deserve. Choosing the right lawyer can make all the difference in your lawsuit.

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