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About 45,000 bicycle accidents occur each year. Meanwhile, the number of fatalities has increased by 12% year-over-year. You never know when you could end up in a bike crash. 

In addition to getting injured yourself, you could also total your bike. You might need to pay for medical bills, repairs, and other expenses. Can you afford that out-of-pocket?

Don’t wait to contact a bike crash attorney. With their help, you can build a case and fight for compensation.

How you react after a bike accident can make or break your case, though. Here are the 12 tips you need after a crash in Westin, FL. By following these steps, your bike accident attorney can use the evidence you gather to build a case.

Start building your Westin, FL bike accident lawsuit with these tips today.

1. Move to a Safe Place

Before anything else, move to a safe place as soon as possible.

Make sure it’s safe for you to move. If your neck or back hurt, don’t move on your own. Instead, seek help right away.

You might have sustained a spinal injury.

Moving could make it worse.

If you’re able to move, get out of the way of incoming traffic. Does the driver need to move their car? Make sure to stay in the same area as their vehicle.

Move into an area where it’s easy for police to arrive on the scene, too. 

2. Contact the Police

Before you contact a bike crash attorney FL residents trust, you need to report the crash to the authorities. In Florida, you’re legally obligated to report the crash if:

  • Someone was hurt
  • Damages exceed $500

Reporting the crash is an important step you’ll need to take before building your case. An official police report can help you gain credibility with the driver’s insurance company. If you fail to report the bike accident, however, the insurance company might not believe something happened.

The other party might even alter their story later on.

When you speak to the police, focus on the details. Don’t embellish. Instead, tell them exactly what happened. 

By reporting the crash, you can preserve your rights and ensure important details are documented.

3. Call a Doctor

You might not realize you’ve sustained serious injuries until the adrenaline wears off. Make sure to seek medical attention right away. Consulting a doctor can further strengthen your case.

About 850 bicyclists died in traffic crashes last year. Whether you have a few scrapes or a broken bone, visit a doctor. 

Your bike crash attorney in Westin, FL can use the doctor’s report to prove you were injured. They can also show the extent of your injuries when calculating losses.

If you go to a doctor or hospital, ask them to submit your medical bills to your insurance company.

4. Take a Breath

It’s normal to feel jittery, nervous, or anxious after a bike accident. That’s normal. Take a breath and try to remain calm.

You don’t want to overreact or find yourself in a hostile situation when speaking to the driver. Instead, keep a cool head as you follow these next steps.

5. Listen to the Driver

You’ll need to speak to the driver in order to gather their information. Try to avoid small talk. Instead, let the other party speak.

Remember what they said and write it down as soon as possible. You can give your bike crash attorney your notes later on.

Don’t apologize for what happened. Apologizing is a form of accepting blame. Instead, tell the driver you don’t want to make any conclusions until someone assesses what happened.

6. Gather Information

While you’re at the scene of the bike accident, start gathering information. 

First, take photos of everything. That includes a photo of your bike at the scene of the crash.

Take photos or videotape where the crash occurred. You’ll need to gather this evidence before the scene changes. Otherwise, marks on the street or debris might disappear in the days following the crash. 

Take photos of any street signs, too.

What was the weather like? Where were you headed before the crash? What direction was the driver headed in?

Write everything down for your bike crash attorney in Westin, FL to review.

7. Keep the Evidence Safe

Preserve your bike, clothing, helmet, and any other possessions. You’ll need this evidence to prove damages. 

Don’t get your bike repaired right away. Instead, keep it in a safe place, such as your garage.

8. Review the Damages

Don’t forget to take photos of your injuries, too. Get a photo of every road rash, scab, bump, and bruise. You can give these photos to your lawyer.

Did you need to wear a cast or split while you were healing? Keep those items as well.

9. Report the Crash

Make sure to report the bike crash to your insurance company right away. Under Florida law, your car insurance might pay you no-fault benefits, which could cover your losses. 

Filing a report with your insurance company can also prove you’re serious about what happened.

Don’t speak to the other party’s insurance company without your lawyer. Don’t let them record any statements you make, either. Instead, contact your bike accident attorney as soon as possible. 

10. Document Any Changes

Keep track of any pain you experience in the weeks after the crash. Do you need to visit a pain specialist or chiropractor? Keep track of your medications and any appointments you schedule.

If anything changes, let your bike crash attorney know right away. 

11. Don’t Post Online

Avoid posting any information about what happened online. You don’t know what could hurt your claim. Even what you post privately on social media could end up subpoenaed by the courts.

12. Find a Good Lawyer

It’s essential to find an experienced bike crash attorney in Westin, FL before filing your lawsuit. Otherwise, you could make costly mistakes.

Here are a few qualities to look for during your search for a bike accident attorney. 

Look for a lawyer who specializes in bike accidents. They’ll understand the laws and procedures that are relevant to your case. Make sure they have years of experience as well.

By choosing a talented attorney, you can build a strong case and fight for compensation. 

Call Your Bike Crash Attorney ASAP: Your Guide to Compensation

Don’t pay for your losses out-of-pocket. Instead, follow these tips and contact a bike crash attorney as soon as possible. With their help, you can build a case and cover your losses. 

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