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The chances of being injured in a bike accident are far higher than you might think, especially when it comes to Floridians. One study revealed that Florida leads the way in fatal accidents involving cyclists by a whopping 16 percent, the highest percentage of any other state.

In particular, the busy, bustling streets of South Florida continue to get more congested as time goes on. And since accidents involving bicyclists have been steadily increasing since 2009, more and more are looking for the right bike lawyer to represent them after an accident. 

But how do you know where to find a good attorney? What are some things to look for? From Deerfield Beach to Pembroke Pines and everywhere in between, here is your South Florida guide to finding the right bike lawyer today.

Experience and Knowledge Combined

One of the first things you should look into when hiring a bike lawyer is their level of experience. What does that mean?

First of all, find out how many years they have been practicing law. While a new lawyer has a considerable amount of knowledge, someone with a little more experience in successfully winning bike accident lawsuits will be the way to go.

This leads us to the next point — what type of experience do they have? An attorney who has a successful history of winning cases is a definite plus.

But does their experience specifically lie in personal injury and bike accident cases? Finding someone who is familiar with the very specific laws and precedents will give you the upper hand as opposed to someone who is not.

So, ask yourself: Do they seem to know the specific steps to take after a bike accident? Are they familiar with the long-term effects a bike accident injury can have? And do they have a history of winning bicycle accident or personal injury cases?

Get Good Referrals

The best source of information goes beyond doing a basic Google search for a ‘bike lawyer near me’. Often, you will find if the bike attorney you’re looking into has a string of happy and satisfied clients, he or she knows how to get the job done to get your case settled.

So ask around, and don’t be afraid to do your research on what others have to say about your particular Florida bike lawyer in question. You can always ask for past client referrals from the bike attorney you are looking to hire. If they balk at providing referrals…you may already have your answer.

Great Communication With Clients

A good lawyer knows how to communicate effectively and clearly. How comprehensive were the answers to your questions? And one of the most important (yet basic) questions you can ask is: Do you like him or her?

Why? A good relationship with your bike lawyer will go a long way in determining the comfort level your case will proceed with. When dealing with the ramifications of an accident, you want to go with someone that you like and get along with if possible.

Another factor to look for in their communication skills is their promptness. How so?

A sign of a great bike lawyer is someone who cares about individuals. If they take the time to return your phone calls and answer your questions in spite of how busy they are, they more than likely will continue to give you the personalized attention you require once you are signed on as their client.

Look Locally

This might seem to go without saying, but even getting the most experienced bike lawyer in the nation won’t help very much if they live in New York and the accident occurred in South Florida. Why?

Florida has its’ own unique set of laws and standards. This is especially true when it comes to traffic and personal injury laws. So what might work for one attorney in another state may be a moot point in South Florida.

So try to find someone in the local area. No matter if you are in Boca Raton or all the way down in Key Biscayne, get a bike attorney with an office location near you in South Florida. They will be more than familiar with how to successfully win your case.

Money Talks

Another important factor to consider is how much a potential bike attorney has been able to win for their clients. This goes beyond just how many cases they have won and settled.

An experienced bike attorney will be interested in getting compensation for past injuries and future medical bills. They also will want to help the family recover lost wages and other compensation. Ensure that the lawyer you are looking to hire has experience in this and is willing to fight to make sure you win the money you deserve.

Detailed and Organized

Initial impressions can tell you a lot, and one of the primary things a good lawyer knows is that it’s all in the details.

So how do they answer your questions? Do they seem to be detail-oriented, organized, and proficient? Is their manner professional? Are they very familiar with the latest laws and procedures?

Knowing that your lawyer not just cares about you but won’t miss anything in the case gives a lot of peace of mind to accident victims.

Find the Right Bike Lawyer Today in South Florida

It may seem like a lot to follow these tips and get these questions answered, but you don’t want to leave getting your fair compensation to chance. Finding the right bike lawyer after an accident can mean the difference between financial help or ruin for you and your family. 

Do you need more information? Are you in need of an experienced bike accident attorney who can help sort out your legal claims? Feel free to get in contact with us today!

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