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When motor vehicles are involved in accidents with bikes, the injuries are often severe, sometimes permanent and, unfortunately, sometimes fatal. A party who is injured through no fault of his own should not suffer financially due to extensive medical bills and lost wages.

I advocate aggressively for injured parties in personal injury lawsuits, whether it is an accident involving a bike, a pedestrian or strictly motor vehicles. I have the resources necessary to investigate accidents thoroughly. This is important, as accidents due to negligence often involve differing stories on what occurred. It is critical to work with an experienced injury lawyer who understands how to build strong cases.




An Assertive Advocate For People Who Bike And Walk

It has been suggested that referring to bicyclists as “people biking” and pedestrians as “people walking” could result in safer streets. The theory holds that reinforcing through language that people who are on bikes or on foot are parents, grandparents, children, neighbors and other members of the community would make motorists – people who drive – more conscious of them and reduce accidents that often result in serious injuries.

It’s an intriguing idea – one I’m willing to promote as a person who is avid about cycling. Increasing awareness and reducing the number of accidents involving people on bikes are important goals, but there will always be accidents. When they occur, it is important for injured parties to protect their rights regarding compensation. Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Vivó, PA, is ready to help.

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